When farms and ranches invite the public onto their property to experience the produce, wildlife, trails and more that they have to offer, we call it "agritourism."

Agritourism is one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry, and agri-destinations offer a huge variety of entertainment, education, relaxation, outdoor adventures, shopping and dining experiences.

Our state is dedicated to expanding and promoting the agritourism industry.

Do You Qualify?

Eligible Activities

Activities should allow members of the general public to view or enjoy rural activities for recreational, entertainment or educational purposes. Activities include farming, ranching, historic, cultural, harvest-your-own, or natural activities and attractions. An activity may be an eligible agritourism activity regardless of whether the participant is required to pay to participate in the activity.


An agritourism activity shall be evaluated by the department prior to registration. When evaluating an agritourism activity and determining whether registration may be permitted, the department may consider a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

  1. Whether the agritourism professional or facility hosting the agritourism activity complies with federal, state and local regulations for health, safety, sanitation and zoning.
  2. Whether the agritourism professional or facility hosting the agritourism activity carries liability insurance.
  3. Whether the agritourism professional or facility hosting the agritourism activity has complied with the requirements of the Oklahoma Tax Commission.


Each facility hosting an eligible agritourism activity shall specify and post regular business hours and adhere to them.


Each facility hosting an eligible agritourism activity shall be maintained and in good repair.

Refusal and Revocation

The department may refuse to register or revoke the registration of an agritourism activity for failure to meet the standards of the Agritourism Program. If the department finds that a proposed agritourism activity is not eligible for registration, the department may provide the agritourism professional with a written explanation of its denial and what improvements, if any, would permit registration as an agritourism activity.

Additional Requirements

Hunting facilities
Hunting facilities shall include lodging and at least one meal per day provided or furnished on-site to be registered as an agritourism activity.

Wineries shall comply with Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission registration requirements, liquor license requirements and have a tasting room for visitors to be registered as an agritourism activity.

Country stay facilities
In addition to the other eligibility requirements of this subchapter, country stay facilities shall permit the agritourism participant to engage in no fewer than five (5) of the following activities: 

  1. Fishing on site with a dock or other improvements made to enhance the experience; 
  2. Wildlife watching or photography opportunities; 
  3. Presence of farm or ranch animals on site for petting, viewing, photography or educational opportunities; 
  4. Coordinated picnic or chuck wagon dinners; 
  5. Consumption of food grown or raised at the agritourism facility; 
  6. Use or display of farm equipment;
  7. Harvesting food grown at the agritourism facility; 
  8. Hayrides; 
  9. Wagon rides;
  10.  Working with or observing work with natural fibers;
  11. Observing or experiencing recreations of pioneer methods of living, crafts or practices;
  12. Participating in traditional farm or ranch activities; 
  13. Observing a dairy; 
  14. Skeet shooting; 
  15. Observing or participating in cattle drives; or 
  16. Participating in crop production by observation, consumption, education or purchase.

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