Oklahoma Agritourism Association

The Oklahoma Agritourism Association serves Agritourism business owners, fostering relationships with industry professionals and voicing their needs. We improve and develop the agristourism industry in Oklahoma.

Annual Membership $50
Annual Accredited Membership $75

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How do we help?


What better way to get new ideas and inspiration than from your Agritourism neighbors and peers? Share stories and pictures with fellow producers through the Facebook page and get connected internationally through members that have been to the NAFDMA conference. Go a step further and find a mentor who can help you through business growth such as constructing a new building, finding liability insurance or marketing techniques. However you choose to interact, the relationships built through the OAA are valuable to your Agritourism business.


Beyond the producer network, OAA provides a bridge for collaboration between government agencies and other organizations involving professional rural tourism service providers.

Legislative Influence

As evidenced by the success of the Oklahoma Agritourism Activities Liability Limitations Act, there is power when producers and organizations band together for a common cause. OAA helps Agritourism stay in the spotlight and keep Agritourism top of mind with legislators throughout the year by providing research and information on related topics.


The OAA serves in an advisory capacity to the Oklahoma Agritourism Program. This influence allows the program to bring you what you need. We have the resources to bring top-notch speakers and educators to share expertise and knowledge with the state of Oklahoma.


Producers can apply for accreditation through OAA that increases program awareness and allows producers access to Tourism Oriented Directional Signs through the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

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2016 Board Members

President Loren Liebcher
P-Bar Farms- Maze, Pumpkin Patch  580-772-4401 loren@pbarfarms.com

Cathie Greene
Wild Things Farms- U- Pick, Pumpkin Patch, Specialty Crop 918-626-4053 farmer@wildthingsfarm.com

Frank & Cindy Day
Happy Day Farms- Maze, Pumpkin Patch 580-437-2600 hapfrank@gmail.com

Dawna Livesay
Livesay Orchard- U-Pick, Specialty Crop, Pumpkin Picking 918-483-2102 info@livesayorchards.com

Sandy Sarette
Tatanka Ranch- Guest Ranch, Trail Riding, Weddings 918-368-2251 tatankaranch@thetatankaranch.com

Rick Vollmer
Native Spirits Winery- Winery/ Vineyards 405-329-9942 contact@nativespiritswinery.com

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