Creating Your Activity

Are you ready to become an Agritourism destination, but you’re not sure which direction to go?

Take a look at the resources you have on your farm or ranch and consider the following:

Land Use

How much land do you own or have access to, and how is it currently being used? Are there areas on your farm or ranch that are only used seasonally? Could those areas be used for Agritourism for a few months of the year? Operations with open areas may make good sites for public events. Fallow fields may be prime spots for hunting. Pasturelands could be used to graze alternative livestock, such as goats, poultry or bison.

Land Features

What does your land look like? Does it have scenic views? Rolling hills? Interesting geologic features like caves? Land that is unique or visually appealing may provide income opportunities from activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, nature tours or hayrides. Land with water features could be used for fishing, duck hunting, canoeing and other water sports.

Land Location

How close are your neighbors? How close is your nearest town or city? Being located too close to people may limit some activities, such as hunting. But access to nearby cities may be required for other ventures like pick-your-own enterprises. How are the roads to your location?

Soil Type

What are the characteristics of your soil, and what is it best suited for?

Farmstead Features

Are there historic buildings or other historic features on your property that might serve as tourist attractions? Is your farmhouse well-suited for a bed and breakfast? Are there buildings that could be modified for use as conference or banquet facilities?


What is the average temperature or rainfall in your area?


Is there abundant wildlife on your property that could support recreation, such as hunting, fishing or bird watching?

Other Resources

Are there other activities, lodging and dining in your community that could complement the activities you are planning?

New Facilities

What new facilities, such as restrooms and parking areas, must you provide if large groups visit your land?

Opportunities for Collaboration

Forming partnerships and collaborating with others cannot be overstated. It can make a big difference in your success. What other local/regional organizations, governments or businesses can you collaborate with to market your Agritourism venture?

What Should You Do?

Most successful Agritourism ventures start with one idea. Perfect that idea and then move on to the next idea. Many times, once you get started, you will get ideas from your customers on what they would like to see or do. Whatever venture you choose, it must be a quality experience that includes a well-orchestrated mix of entertainment and education. Here are some ideas:

Common Activities: 

  • Overnight stays
  • Farm and ranch stays
  • Rural bed and breakfasts
  • Campsites
  • Youth camps
  • Cabin/vacation rentals
  • Equine stalls/pens

Recreational Activities and Tours: 

  • Fly fishing and hunting
  • Wineries and vineyards
  • Skeet shooting
  • Cattle drives
  • Calf roping and branding
  • Harvesting crops
  • Biking
  • Horseback riding
  • Archery
  • Stargazing
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Barn tours
  • Farm equipment demos
  • Wagon rides
  • Campfires and picnics
  • Bird-watching
  • Wildlife watching

Special Holiday/Seasonal Events: 

  • Haunted house
  • Haunted hay ride
  • Corn maze
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Holiday celebration
  • Harvest festivals
  • Music and art festivals
  • Mother’s Day specials
  • Valentine’s Day packages

Hospitality Services: 

  • Catering
  • Meeting and conferences
  • Country weddings and receptions
  • Company retreats
  • Family reunions
  • Church groups

Youth and/or Adult Education: 

  • Organized tours
  • Agriculture education
  • Nature education
  • Demonstrations
  • Workshops and clinics

Retail Sales: 

  • Jams and jellies
  • Baked goods
  • Homegrown meat
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Pecans/peanuts and other nuts
  • Wine/juices
  • Salsa
  • Flowers
  • Floral and nursery plants
  • Pick-your-own fruits and vegetables
  • Rent-a-tree, berry bush, garden or flowerbed

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