Akecheta Christmas Tree Farm

AKÉCHETA was the vision of two brothers, Tim & Tracy Ruggles (Identical Twins). Before purchasing the beautiful 40 acres, Tim and Tracy walked the property carefully and ended up on the top of the wet weather water fall. Tim asked Tracy, "should I buy this property?". Tracy responded: "Have your prayed about it?" Tim looked up in the sky and said: "God, should I buy this place?" Immediately after asking the question, a bird said in a high pitched sound - "yup!" After purchasing the 40 acres of beautiful Oklahoma land, Tim asked Tracy what he thought he should do with the property. Tracy responded, "plant a Christmas Tree Farm". The name "Akécheta" came from an Internet website that had a survey that told you what your name was in a Native American language. After taking the survey, Tim's name turned out to be Akécheta (Sioux - "Strong Warrior"). Tim's wife's (JoAnn) Native American name is Alashanee. The waterfall soon became known as "Alashanee Falls". 


  • Tim & JoAnn Ruggles
    • 832-520-7456


Go to the main street of Hitchita, OK. Go north for about 1 - 1 1/2 mile on the gravel road. Take the first left and go west for about 1 mile. Turn right at the tee in the road. Go north for about 1 mile and it will curve to the west (left). Go about 3/4 of a mile and the Akécheta Christmas Tree farm will be on the right. There will be a sign saying Akécheta Christmas Tree Farm. Come on in and follow the signs for parking.


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