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Micaela Halverson August 08, 2019

Another Friday night rolls around. For most couples, this means date night. For Sam and I, we typically spend our Friday evenings working cattle and eating dinner at 9 p.m. On this particular Friday, I decided to be more adventurous and take him on a date to the Blue River Valley Winery in Caddo, Okla. We made it a double date and invited our friends, Kaitlyn and Colby, who we only see a few times a year.

At Blue River Valley Winery, Friday night means live music night and a home-cooked Cajun meal. We arrived before the music began, and this gave us some time to sit at the bar and sample their wine. The first four wine tastings were free, and it was a $1.25 for each wine tasting after.

Now, I am no wine connoisseur, but I know I like sweet wine. Four tastings was all I needed before I Found My Thrill. This blueberry cabernet was my favorite. I was very excited, because sometimes I am not sure I even like wine, but I found one I could get behind. To make my experience better, the wine stewardess suggested to mix I Found My Thrill with Rhapsody. And oh my goodness was this good! I loved both of these wines together. The Rhapsody lightened the blueberry taste and gave it this crisp, bubbly feel. 

While I chose to drink my new blueberry bubbly favorite - Kaitlyn, Colby and Sam all decided on frozen wines, Blue Hawaiian and Peach Mango. Our next move was outside for the live music, and the frozen wine was the perfect choice to cool down.

It was a warm summer night, but we found a nice spot under the shade tree. We were greeted by the owners, Hillary and Diane, and we had the opportunity to chat with them before Lauren Manon took the stage. While snacking on the cheese and sausage plate and sipping our wine, we listened to Lauren’s beautiful vocals and even sang along to a few show tunes. We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, the conversations with old friends, and of course the wine! We all agreed we will definitely be back for more date nights. 

You can find Blue River Valley Winery and other great wineries across our state on the Wine Trails.

Micaela Halverson

Micaela is an agritourism coordinator for the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. She is proud to be from Oklahoma and is excited to share all the fun adventures this state has to offer.