Pumpkin Picking

Fall Fun

Meriruth Cohenour October 10, 2017

Cool mornings, red and gold leaves, pumpkin spice flavored everything ... all things that signal fall in most people's minds. Here in Oklahoma however, many times we must rely on the Autumnal Equinox label on the calendar to tell us when fall is actually here as we continue to mow our lawns in shorts and tank tops instead of rake leaves in thermals and boots. The other way to know fall is here? The opening of Pumpkin Patches and Mazes! There are 39 fall Agritourism venues in Oklahoma and although many have similar activities, all offer a unique experience and their own insights into life on the farm.

Last weekend, I took some of my favorite people out to Jahn's Pumpkin Hill in Cyril. The warm and windy afternoon might not have felt like fall, but the farm experience was every bit as fun without the hot chocolate and hoodies. Upon arrival Mary Jahn took us on a tractor ride around the farm while explaining the different crops, grasses and livestock raised there as well as a little history of her farm and of the area. Below are just the highlights of our afternoon. Plan your own fall fun by visiting www.OklahomaAgritourism.com and searching by region or activity!

Who can resist a photo on a giant chair? My college roommate, Cassidy, her husband, Luke and their two children, River and Ridge.

A big stock tank full of corn is better than sand or a pit full of plastic balls any day! Although, maybe skip the trying to build castles.

Soft lips make up for big teeth. Well, mostly. River was a bit intimidated by the donkey but the sheep were happy to ease her fears while getting the major share of our alloted feed.

Thank you baaaaaaaa-ry much!

Boing, boing, boing! The Kangaroo Jump is new this year at Jahn's Pumpkin Hill.

No doubt he is thinking about crop yields and drought conditions, just like any good farmer would.

Photo opportunities are everywhere at Jahn's Pumpkin Hill. Although, Ridge was not as enthused about taking pictures as we were.

Not sure where River wanted to take us, but she was pretty insistant that we got in her trailer so she could drive us around.

Never underestimate the fun that can be had in a big pile of dirt.

We wore ourselves out before we attempted the hay maze. A good excuse to go back! Visit the pumpkin patch or maze near you to make your own fall memories this year!

Meriruth Cohenour

Meriruth is the lead Agritourism Coordinator at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. A constant desire to explore Oklahoma and a passion for agriculture advocacy fuels her desire to bring readers entertaining and informative posts each week.