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Abby Paugh August 08, 2018

Wine isn’t the only thing to be found on the Oklahoma Wine Trails. Woodland Park Vineyards in Stillwater has a succulent shop just off the tasting room!

I stopped by recently and couldn’t help but pick up a plant from the greenhouse. What can I say, I’m a “succ”-er for succulents! 

Stillwater Succulents is adjacent to the Woodland Park Vineyards tasting room.

Jeanette Hane owns and operates both Woodland Park Vineyards and Stillwater Succulents with help from her family.

“It’s a family affair,” Jeanette said.

They planted the first vines on the property in 2000, and the winery opened for business in 2005. Since then, they have expanded to grow eight different varieties of grapes. All Woodland Park wines only use the grapes grown at the vineyards.

A bunch of wine grapes grown at the vineyard.

Jeanette and family also have a pecan orchard, grow gourds, host weddings and, of course, sell succulents.

Jeanette said she had been collecting succulents for years, but she ramped up and began selling succulents when they became more popular.

“People are entranced with succulents,” she said.

Succulents are easy to care for! They typically only need watered every 7-10 days.

She sells dozens of varieties of succulents, but specializes in growing aloe, gasteria and gasteraloe plants. Some of the plants have fun names like “Brass Hat,” “Pickled Pink,” “Minnie Belle” and “Little Poker.”

When available, Jeanette sells her cleaned, dyed gourds as planters. Some are small enough for tiny plants, and others are large enough for a large succulent arrangement!

This gourd is growing in Jeanette's gourd patch...

...but these dyed gourds are available for sale in the shop!

The winery and succulents shop are open Thursday and Friday 2-6 p.m. and Saturday 1-6 p.m. Located at 3023 N. Jardot Road in Stillwater.

Woodland Park Vineyards: Facebook and Website

Stillwater Succulents: Facebook and Website

Abby Paugh

Abby is an agritourism coordinator at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. She believes an Oklahoma adventure is the best kind of adventure, and she is excited to share the stories of Oklahoma agriculture with agritourists across the state.


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