Honey Creek Farm

Honey Creek Farm is a very quiet spot located on top of a ridge, in what is known as the Ancient Timberland of Oklahoma. Located just 20 minutes south of Tulsa, the farm overlooks the valley to the east, the view is astonishing, one can see the other side of the valley nearly 30 miles away. We are a lavender farm and currently grow twelve different varieties of lavender. There are abundant opportunities for visitors to experience nature and for photographers to capture experiences on the farm. Among the hiking trails cut through the Timbers are opportunities to view abundant wildlife. Foxes, road runners, deer, wild turkey, birds of all variety within the diverse natural plants of the Timberlands. A very peaceful place to breathe. Cottages are available to extend visitors' experiences to include overnight opportunities on the farm.

On-Site Activities

  • Fishing
  • Group Tours
  • Campfires/Picnics
  • Family Reunions
  • Meeting Facilities
  • Wildlife Watching / Photography
  • Picnic Area
  • Gift Shop
  • public restroom



7991 West 191st St., Mounds, OK 74047


Mounds Northeast
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