Associations and Resources


Alpacas of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Fiber Guilds & Groups


Oklahoma Honey Sales Law Sb716 Final Version Honey Sales 2 (pdf)

Oklahoma State Beekeepers Association

National Honey Board – Facebook


Oklahoma State University Pecan Fact Sheet

The Noble Foundation – Pecan Production 101

Petting Farms

From a 2013 Workshop:

Agenda Petting Farm Workshop Agenda (pdf)

Dr. Kristy Bradley, State Epidemiologist, Oklahoma State Department of Health Agritourism Petting Farm Workshop (pdf)

Supporting Documents Footbaths for Animal Facilities, University of California Publication 8281 Foot Baths Univ California (pdf)

Wash Your Hands to Prevent Spreading Germs, Oklahoma State Department of Health Wash Your Hands (pdf)

Good Ag Practices for the Production and Handling of Berries, United States Department of Agriculture Gap For Berries (pdf)

Best Practices for Oklahoma Petting Farms, Oklahoma Agritourism Program and Oklahoma State Department of Health Best Practices For Oklahoma Petting Farms (pdf)

Hand-Washing Sign Download Hand Washing Sign 2 (pdf)

Rabies information, Oklahoma State Department of Health Chapter599 Rabies Rules Approved (pdf)

Prepared Food

See FSMA Workshop info (insert link)


From a 2013 Workshop:

Agenda Pumpkin Workshop Agenda 2 28 13 (pdf)

Pumpkin Trials & Varieties, Dr. Lynn Brandenberger, OSU Professor & Extension Specialist Pumpkin Trials Brandenberg (pdf)

Pumpkin Weeds, Diseases and Pests, Dr. Jim Shrefler, Cooperative Extension Area Extension Horticulturist Pumpkin Weed Disease And Insect Shrefler (pdf)

Pumpkinville Presentation, Myriad Botanical Gardens Pumpkinville Presentation Myriad Gardens (pdf)

Oklahoma Pumpkin Growers Pumpkin Growers List Updated As Of 12 15 (pdf)

Supporting Documents OSU Fact Sheet HLA-6026, Squash and Pumpkin Production link

Teachable Moments

From a March 17, 2014 Workshop:

Agenda School Field Trip Workshop Agenda March 2014 (pdf)

Things to Consider, Mary Ann Kelsey, Principal, Oklahoma Christian Academy Things To Consider Mary Ann Kelsey (pdf)

Ag in the Classroom resources AITC Resource Sheet link

Millennials and School Field Trips, Lori Coats, Western Region Agritourism Coordinator Millennials And School Field Trips (pdf)

Brainstorming Session Brainstorming School Field Trips (pdf)


From a 2014 Workshop:

Agenda Country Wedding Workshop Agenda 2014 (pdf)

Working With the Bride Sandy Sarette, Tatanka Ranch Tatanka Ranch Weddings (pdf)

Ski Bateman, Waterfall Creek Pecan Farm Waterfall Creek Bride Questions (pdf)

Wedding Packages & Services Richard Kennedy, Tres Suenos Vineyard & Winery Tres Suenos Vineyard Weddings (pdf)

Mike Trower, Gander Way Vineyard & Winery Gander Way Vineyards Rental Agreement (pdf)

Onsite Rentals Wedding Rentals (pdf)

Contracts and Other Legal Documents for Weddings Contracts And Other Legal Considerations (pdf)

The Princess House Case Study The Princess House For Brides (pdf)

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