Yippee Ay-O-K

Chris & Donna Gillen established Yippee Ay-O-K in February 2010 & opened their tasting room to the public in June 2011. All of their wines are made from their own grapes that they grow in Western Oklahoma or from grapes that were grown from others in Western Oklahoma. The terroir (tear-wah) is the natural environment where grapes are grown; it is the soil, the lie of the land or its topography and the effects each of these have on the other. The Gillens believe that the Western Oklahoma terroir is great for wine making & are committed to only offering wines that are products there of. They are Oklahoma proud and support local growers and the farm to table concept. Contact 580-515-8214 for special tastings.


  • Chris & Donna Gillen
    • 580-515-8214


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