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A Recipe for Happiness, and Jelly

You’re walking.  The sun is warm on your face.  The soil is damp under foot, and when you look down, you see your child’s chin dripping with blueberry juice—but it’s the smile that imprints your memory.  Have you ever seen an ear-to-ear grin worn by someone eating fruit off a bush?  It’s priceless, and this summer, you have the chance to see it for yourself.


The Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails are the perfect chance to not only experience food the way nature intended, but to also unleash your inner chef.  Consider yourself warned: your basketful of yummies will inspire you into action, because out in the wild—picking the freshest vegetables, fruits, and herbs—jelly masterpieces are the logical progression.


Watermelons.  Thyme.  Grapes.  Blackberries.  Pecans.  Pumpkins.  Nectarines.  Peaches.  Cherries.  Lavender.  Basil.  Tomatoes.  Prickly Pears.  Strawberries.  Mint.  Apples.  Peppers.  Oregano.   And a ton of other delectable treats.

Considering all the delicious food options the Jelly Making Trails have to offer, you’ll be at no shortage of organic goodies to mix and match for recipe greatness.  Pick what you crave, and go home to invent whatever wonderful spread your heart desires.  From unusual jellies that feature dandelions, beets, or ginger to the sticky classics out of Grandma’s recipe book: grape, strawberry, or apple butter—the Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails are ready to answer your jelly-making whims.


So to help you get started inventing your own jelly showstopper, we’ve provided a couple of fantastic recipes.  They’ve come from local connoisseurs, and they’re the perfect encouragement to get you out in the fields picking, enjoying, and then heading home to fill your jars with juicy-jelly-jammy joy.