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A Food Trail Full of Jelly Opportunities

It’s rare that an activity checks so many enticing boxes: fun, family-friendly, healthy, educational, outdoors, interesting, and delicious.  But that’s exactly what the Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails do.  Open May through August, the Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails are your opportunity to romp through working farms, ranches, and orchards to pick the juiciest fruits and vegetables our state has to offer.

It's the strawberry time of year!

The idea for the Jelly Making Trails originated when we took note of the wild success of Food Trails emerging across the USA.  In particular, The Cheese Trail of California has been quite popular and the cause of giant smiles and thrilled bellies for a few years now.  The Cheese Trail promotes artisan cheesemakers and family farmers, and it was that idea of using the land and the produce to spotlight family farmers that inspired us to think outside the box in order to attract Oklahomans to our local farms—that, and something else: imaginative gardening.

Imaginative gardening has also exploded on the food scene.  Pizza gardens and salsa gardens are popping up everywhere, putting a tasty spin on traditional food growing.  Salsa gardens grow tomatoes, onion, peppers, and herbs while pizza gardens grow the basic ingredients of a pizza: tomatoes, sweet or hot peppers, onions, chives, oregano, basil, and if you’re in a tropical location—an olive tree can be planted to provide the aromatic drizzle for the flour base.

Mouthwatering, right?  We agree, and that’s why we’ve combined the two, above concepts in order to rally you—our community—around farm-to-table food production.  We’ve mixed a tablespoon of the Food Trails with a pinch of imaginative gardening and cooked up one, spectacular food adventure.


The Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails take you on a mapped-out exploration of some of the most scenic locations in the state to pick amazing fruits and vegetables, while also gaining a bit of farming education.  And at the end of the day, you go home with a basketful of natural treats that can be used to whip up a jarful of sweet, sticky, jelly memories.


Know, though, that the Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails aren’t just about collecting fruits to make jelly.  The Trails offer all kinds of scrumptious goodies.  Crisp Spinach.  Fresh Lavender.  Fat Blueberries.  Crunchy Pecans.  Plump Sand Plums.  Golden Honey.  Glowing Peaches.  Gooey fudge, and a ton more.  Are you drooling yet?


Stillwater Farmers Market




You should be, because the Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails are an unrivaled food voyage.  So get out there.  Embrace summer.  Get ready to have a blast with your family and friends, and be astounded and delighted by the world’s most expert chef—Mother Nature.

Download your Oklahoma Jelly Making trail map today!