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From May through August, the Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails are ready to take you on an incredible food journey like no other. Whether you’re walking along the shores of a creek to collect wild sand plums or through a manicured strawberry patch in the middle of a family farm, the Jelly Making Trails offer all levels of exploration and food curiosity. You can even forage through pre-picked produce or buy already made local jellies if that’s more your jam. JellyMakingTrailsLogo

The Jelly Making Trails were created as an extension of Oklahoma Agritourism’s “U-pick” program. For years and all across Oklahoma, food growers have worked alongside Oklahoma Agritourism to entice visitors to their land, and that’s exactly what “U-pick” does. It invites you to 47 different farms, ranches and orchards to pick fresh produce straight off trees, bushes, and/or vines. And as an extension of “U-pick,” The Jelly Making Trails offer an easy way to group your farm experiences together, so you can better plan where and when to go.

The Trails span from Kenton in the Panhandle to Broken Bow in the southeast, and through Sweetwater out west and Pocola in the east. Check out the map! So The Trails are both an exploration of our diverse topography and of our best food—a great opportunity to see and taste the most interesting offerings of Oklahoma. And they’re layered with fun, because at the end of the day, you’re encouraged to take home your local treats and whip up jars full of sticky, sweet jelly to keep your toast company for weeks.     blackberries

Peaches. Strawberries. Blackberries. Blueberries. Apples. Cherries. All the plumpest and ripest fruits are waiting, plus crispy vegetables and flavorful herbs too. With so much local goodness at your fingertips, it’s the perfect opportunity to fill a sunny afternoon, your basket, and your tummy with the most delicious and nutrient-rich food our state has to offer.

The Oklahoma Jelly Making Trails are an ingenious way to enjoy nature and healthy food. So get your walking shoes and appetite ready.  Plan today. On The Jelly Making Trails, your summer promises to be more exciting and organically entertaining than ever before.