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Fresh, sweet and close to home

It is so close to strawberry season in Oklahoma, you can almost smell the sweetness coming off the field. Strawberries are traditionally the first sweet taste out of the garden each year in Oklahoma.



The lush green rows are decorated with snowy white blossoms and the hints of red berries are starting to shine through. Strawberry season is sometimes a quick one here but they will soon be followed by blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and grapes. And, if its the sweet taste you are after, don't forget about wild sand plums and prickly pear fruits that abound in our state.

Farmers Markets are a great place to get a carton of fresh berries, but if you want to pick your own straight from the vine, we can help you find the place! Picking berries straight from the field is a true Agritourism experience. Not only are you guaranteed freshness, but you get the opportunity to learn about the way the fruit was grown, meet the farmer and understand the process.

Berries and fruits are easy to find using

If it is farmers markets you are after, just click:

If U-pick is more your style, this icon will tell you where to go.


We have done even more to help you find what you are looking for, but you will have to check back next week for the exciting announcement of our new promotion!